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Designed by world-class, award-winning executive coaches

We are all primarily driven by one of four unique cognitive energy sources - how we like to think!

LEP associates these four energies with parts of the body - a common language to ensure learning is memorable and quickly understood. Whilst it uncovers a preferred thinking energy, it doesn't 'pigeonhole' or stereotype the user. It's clear that everyone has all four energies and that, with practice, we can learn to dial up and dial down these energies.

The power this gives individuals can be remarkable - empowering them to greatly improve or change the way they think and therefore how they behave, communicate and lead.

How does it work?

Everyone has a combination of these four cognitive energies. One will be dominant (the Leading Energy) and one will be weakest (the Reluctant Energy). Both will reveal certain characteristics that are apparent to those around us.