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Using LEP

Discovering your
Leading Energy

A simple questionnaire and highly interactive workshop

At the heart of LEP is a self-awareness questionnaire that is completed on-line, in approximately 10 minutes. It's simple to use and interpret, reflecting the commercial environment where time and usability are critical.

A licensed Leading Energy Profile® Facilitator then shares the results with the user (either in a 1:1 or team setting), working through a structured and highly interactive workbook.

Using Leading Energy as an integrated development tool

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1:1 Coaching

LEP is hugely powerful when used in a 1:1 setting. It enables individuals to better understand why they typically 'operate' in the way they do and how they can adapt their Leading Energy to achieve greatly enhanced performance.

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Team Facilitation

LEP is all about great communication - the basis of effective team culture. LEP will put a microscope on your team dynamics (the good, the bad and the ugly!) and empower members to become more adaptable, reduce conflict and increase productivity.

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Leadership Development

LEP can be used as a core element of any Leadership programme aimed at building self awareness, social awareness and adaptability. It doesn't matter what your LE type is. The great skill of leadership is learning to flex your style as required, to achieve the optimum outcome with your team, colleagues and stakeholders.

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Communication or Negotiation Workshops

It isn't easy and it takes practice, but adaptive energy is truly the master skill of great communicators. It will transform the relationships you have with others and the results you can achieve. LEP will teach you the skill of reading others and then ways you can adapt, to quickly build fantastic relationships.

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Highly flexible to meet the needs of your Business

Leading Energy Profile® can be used in any organisation as a stand alone development intervention, or as an integral part of broader programmes. The offering is highly flexible and can be tailored and packaged in a variety of ways.

Our team will talk through your needs with you, before recommending the best package for you and your business. Many of our clients opt for our standard offering which includes; access to our online questionnaire, personalised results pages, workbooks and two highly interactive and impactful workshops (delivered virtually or face to face):

  • Part one - Building a solid foundation of understanding and enhanced self awareness.

  • Part two - Focusing on the 'so what', learning to adapt and harness your LE enabling real, transformational change.