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Validity & Reliability Info

A profiling tool that focuses on the ‘so what’?


We’re continuously gathering data so our full validity testing is ongoing, and we’ll continue to expand it as more participants complete the survey. We’re pretty excited about the results so far though...

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Internal consistency

Internal consistency looks at whether the items that are proposed to measure a particular construct within a scale, consistently produce similar scores.

To measure this, we use a statistical test called Cronbach's Alpha Coefficient. An acceptable Cronbach's Alpha is considered to be above 0.70.

A reliability analysis was carried out on the Leading Energy Profile scale comprising 60 items, across 188 participants. Cronbach’s alpha showed the questionnaire to reach (a very!) acceptable reliability of, α= 0.857 to α = 0.890, (so significantly over the acceptable score of 0.70). No items were deemed worthy of deletion to increase the Cronbach's Alpha.

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Face validity

Face validity is simply that the tool appears to measure what it says it measures. As LEP was designed to be practically applied within a business, we believe that this test was an important place to begin.

We asked our pilot group of 178 participants various questions including:

Q: Does your Leading Energy Profile result resonate with how you believe you think and respond?

A: In total 98% of participants agreed that the description of their results, reflected how they see themselves.

One of the core outcomes for LEP is that the learning is memorable over the long term and can be easily applied. While LEP is a relatively new tool, feedback to date has been hugely encouraging.

I think in 12 months or 2 years time, I will still be able to refer to and use LEP, whereas I have struggled in the past to tap into the learning from other profiling tools, beyond the most basic principles.”

Matt Watkins BIAL Pharmaceuticals

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