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What is Leading Energy Profile?

LEP is a simple, online questionnaire designed to determine someones dominant thinking or cognitive energy (what drives us and our behaviour).

What does LEP do?

If we wish to change, adapt or modify an element of our behaviour, then we first need to understand what's behind that behaviour - what's driving it?

The world only sees how we react (our behaviour), NOT the internal process that led to that reaction. All too often we react to other people based purely on their behaviour without considering what is driving that behaviour.

By understanding your dominant cognitive energy (your LE) and learning the skill to 'read' others LE, you can better determine how different people will react a trigger (an event, conversation, decision etc).

LEP will enable you to learn the master skill of all great communicators and leaders - adapting your LE to match others.
By adapting your LEP you can flex your communication style as required, achieving optimum outcomes with your audience; staff, colleagues, stakeholders or clients.

How can I use LEP in my Business?

LEP will supercharge any learning intervention, revealing learning that is as powerful as it is memorable. The simple on-line questionnaire and interactive workshops can be used as a stand alone programme or can easily be integrated into broader development initiatives including:

- 1:1 coaching

- Team facilitation

- Sales negotiation and communication workshops

- Leadership development programmes

What are the benefits of being a licensed LEP Practitioner?

LEP will greatly enhance any development intervention from: one:one coaching, team facilitation, leadership development or negotiation and communication workshops. By becoming a licensed LEP Practitioner you gain access to; the online LEP questionnaire and Facilitators Portal (including 5 free logins and workbooks to get you started), a free facilitators guide and digital deck, comprehensive on-going support from our LEP team and access to a professional network of other Practitioners.

How do I become a licensed LEP Practitioner?

In order to maintain the high quality of LEP facilitation all Practitioners must first attend our two day LEP Practitioners workshop. Once you have attended and achieved your accreditation you will be given access to the Facilitators Portal enabling you to send out questionnaire links and manage and report results for your clients.