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A profiling tool that focuses on the 'so what?'

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A simple and effective tool for developing adaptive communication skills

We all love a good profiling tool. It gives us permission to focus on ourselves, be a little self-indulgent and feel understood. But how much do people really come away with? Maybe your ‘type’ is quietly seen as the superior one in your organisation. Perhaps a level of permission to justify your actions – ‘of course I’m quiet, I’m green!’. Others however, may be left feeling they were labelled and put in a box. Asked a few months later what they have changed as result of using the tool, and in our experience very few have an answer.

So we set ourselves the challenge of creating something better - something simple but powerful, easy to remember and that actually made a difference. Leading Energy Profile® (LEP) was born.

LEP isn’t about strengths or ability. It examines the cognitive energy (how we like to think) behind why people do what they do. Behaviour is the what, the energy behind it is the why.

What we do

Transform the way you communicate

LEP does not label or put a box around the user. It explores both our bias and reluctance in the way we like to think and teaches us how to adapt this thinking (and subsequent behaviour) to achieve better results. Yes, it’s a profiling tool, but with some key differences. Firstly, we built it backwards. We designed the tool with the end user experience in mind. We applied over forty years’ experience of coaching and leadership development, working with many of the world’s most successful organisations. We then referenced back to over 50 years of scientific research and evolved the findings.

The result is a tool that’s simple but impactful, empowering and above all action orientated. It focuses on the so what? and empowers users to adapt the way they lead, communicate and build relationships with others.

LEP enables self-exploration to understand our own energy drivers, but then shifts attention to how we may be perceived by others. By understanding what drives behaviour, we can change or modify elements of our behaviour and improve the way we interact with, communicate with and influence others.

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Learn the master skill of great leadership

By understanding our own Leading Energy and being able to spot the Leading Energy of others, we can learn how to channel and adapt it, a crucial skill not just in business, but in life!

LEP provides leaders, managers and teams with enhanced self and social awareness, transforming their communication, improving levels of trust and cooperation and ultimately productivity.


"LEP is such a fantastic tool. How the LEP team have made it so simplistic yet so effective is marvelous."


“This is the profiling insight you need in your business for it to stick and make a difference.”


"We've spent a fortune on profiling tools in the past and whilst people remember elements of it (typically their 'badge'), nothing ever really changes for the better. LEP is completely different, so simple yet so impactful. I would highly recommend it."

MSD Global Healthcare

"Two years on and our Sales teams still make references to LEP and the things they took away. You can see it in the way they communicate with each other and their clients. Invaluable."


"I was pretty sceptical about going through yet another profiling exercise, but I have to say this one was different. We spent time focusing on what we could do differently rather than dwelling on the label and what it meant."

Boston Consulting Group - Digital Ventures

Why choose LEP?

LEP will supercharge any learning intervention, revealing learning that is as powerful as it is memorable. The simple on-line questionnaire and interactive workshops can be used as a stand alone programme or can easily be integrated into broader development initiatives.

LEP was created by the founders of the Business Coaching Academy (BCA). Whilst the tool is intentionally pragmatic, our experiences and knowledge have been linked back to and overlaid across 50 years of scientific research enabling us to evolve the findings. The theory we applied derives its origins from three scientific sources.


It’s an evolution of the research conducted by the likes of Ernest Tupes, Raymond Christal and Lewis Goldberg, who pioneered the concept of the ‘Big 5’ personality types.

Behavioural Therapy

It incorporates the core elements of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy – a scientific form of psychotherapy that focuses on how thoughts impact and affect behaviour.


It correlates against recent developments within neuroscience that measured increased brain volume in specific locations, when a personality type was dominant.

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