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Does the world really need another profiling tool?

1 Sept 2020
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By Hayley Sampson

Does the world really need another profiling tool?

We all love a good profiling tool. It gives us permission to focus on ourselves for a bit, be a little self-indulgent and feel understood. People usually enjoy the experience, whether as part of a one-to-one interaction or a team building day, but how much do people or teams really come away with?

Perhaps a feeling of pride, maybe your ‘type’ is seen as the ‘superior one’ in your organisation. Perhaps a level of permission to justify your actions – ‘of course I’m quiet, I’m green!’.

Others however, may be left feeling that they were put in a box, or even that they are outside the ‘circle of trust’ (picture colleagues high fiving and embellishing their personal stories of how ‘red’ they were that time when...).

Generally people are very positive about profiling tools, but commonly can’t recall some of the fundamental learning or misunderstand key elements (cue water cooler conversation);

Wow, turns out I’m RSDY’,

‘What does that mean?’

‘Well the R was so me…now what did the others stand for….?’

We’ve seen these scenarios play out again and again in our interactions with organisations and individuals. So we asked ourselves – how can it be done better?

We’re not rubbishing the industry or the years of research these tools are based on, far from it! But we felt there was something missing in their application of the theory.

So we set ourselves the challenge of creating something different - something simple but powerful, quick to complete and above all memorable. Leading Energy Profile (LEP) was born.

Yes, it’s a profiling tool, but with some key differences. Firstly, we built it backwards. We designed the tool with the end user experience in mind. We applied real world examples and experiences of working with real people in real businesses today. We then went back to the science and evolved the findings. We took the concept of the ‘Big 5’ personality types, incorporated the core elements of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), (how thoughts impact and affect behaviour) and then compared this against more recent neuroscience research that measures brain volume Vs dominate personality type.

The result is a tool that’s simple but impactful, empowering and above all action orientated. It focuses on the ‘so what?’ and empowers users to transform the way they communicate and build relationships with others.

LEP isn’t about strengths or ability. It examines the cognitive energy source (the drivers) behind why people do what they do. Behaviour is the what, the energy behind it is the why. (A key message being – just because something gives you energy and you enjoy it; it doesn’t mean you are good at it!)

All of us are born with only two things; time and energy. If you can better understand your own and other’s energy, you can harness it and focus the time you have available to you in a much more productive way. LEP takes this belief and helps individuals and teams to examine where their energy derives from and learn how and when to channel it – crucial in business, but in life in general.

LEP enables that self-exploration and time for a little self-indulgence to understand one’s own energy drivers, but then quickly turns attention to how this might impact how they are perceived by others. If you can understand what drives yours or others behaviour, then you can change or modify elements of your behaviour and improve the way you interact with, communicate with and influence others.

So what is Leading Energy Profile®?

LEP is a practical and simple yet powerful tool for use within any situation where either a person or team recognise a need to grow and develop.

We are all a blend of 4 cognitive energies (our ‘thinking’ energy), but of most relevance is the energy we utilise the most, and the energy we utilise the least. These opposing energies will determine our drive, motivation and focus (internal), and therefore our behaviour and communication style (external). But with awareness and practise we can all learn to dial up and dial down these energies to achieve better results, both in our relationships, our decision making and our leadership.

What does Leading Energy Profile® do?

Leading Energy Profile® helps individuals and teams understand why they act a certain way and why others act in a, possibly different, way. We often react to somebody’s behaviour without considering the motivation behind it. Leading Energy Profile® encourages you to look further. Once we understand the motivation behind somebody’s behaviour, we can modify our reactions and adapt our approach.

LEP is simple, quick to complete and understand, meaning the conversation can focus on the ‘so what?’. Other tools give you a memorable ‘type’, LEP gives you practical and memorable application allowing immediate change and visible results.

Once you understand your own and others energy driver you can make better choices around how you apply your energy and focus your time. We all know that focusing your time with little energy will be counterproductive. When you behave according to your leading energy you will typically feel energised and good about yourself. Conflicting energy types or misread behaviour can be frustrating and lead to poor relationships and team dynamics. LEP can help in understanding these drivers and learning how and when to channel it.

What are the benefits of being a licensed Leading Energy Profile Practitioner?

Becoming a licensed LEP practitioner will give you an insightful, fresh and different approach when working with individuals and teams. As a licensed practitioner, you will help individuals transform their leadership style through enhanced communication and influencing skills, enhancing team performance and driving more productive and impactful relationships.

You will receive all the training, materials and ongoing support you need to use the tool effectively with your clients or within your Organisation.

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